In Memory of
Diana Chan



Born June 10, 1960 in Guangzhou, China. Migrated to the USA in 1982. 

1960年6月10日出生於中國廣州。 1982年移居美國。

Mother: Bao Zhong Xu

Husband: Johnny Chan

Daughter: Jennifer Chan & Son-in-Law: Dominic Wong

Son: Denny Chan

Sister-in-Law: Anna Chan

Eldest Sister: Judy Mai
大姐: 許月珠

Second Sister: Qiong Zhu Xu & Husband: Wah Hing Tse
二姐: 许琼珠 & 二姐夫: 谢华庆

Eldest Sister-in-law: Wan Mei Liu
长嫂: 刘婉美

Second Brother: Rocky Hui & wife: Lai Ping Ho
二哥: 許永雄 & 二嫂 : 何丽萍

Youngest Sister: Tracy Hui & Husband:
細妺: 许翠珠  & 妹夫: 董志华

In-Laws: Amy & Paul Wong
親家: Amy & Paul

Nieces: Susan, Nora, Michelle, Sunny, & Senlian

Nephews: Kent, Allan, Philip, Yiming, Jackson, Jason, Stanley, Alex, & Jonathan

Her strength, optimism, humor, generosity, friendliness and craziness will be missed dearly. She was a peoples' person - she loved people and meeting new people. She brightens up the room with her smile, big heart and humor which can easily be misunderstood. However, once you get to know her you'll appreciate her openness and her humor. If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet her you're missing out.

Throughout the last 20 years, she has been battling multiple health issues - benign brain tumor, thyroids, breast cancer, endometrial cancer just to name a few. Every time she fought one issue another one arose shortly. She's one tough cookie - she never complained and fought it off like a champ. She always had an optimistic view in life. She always said to take it one day at a time and count your blessings. 

It's unfortunate that she was not able to overcome this battle as she still had a lot to look forward to in life - grandkids, Denny getting married, traveling and growing old with her husband. Although she was just 60 years young, we are at ease to know she is no longer suffering and in pain. She has fought a long tough battle and deserves to rest in paradise. With lessons she has taught us and memories she left behind; we will carry it on in our lives and share it with everyone we encounter.




From the Famly

We've created this space for all our family and friends to commemorate her. She may not be with us on earth but every time you think of her or speak of her - her memories will live on through us. Feel free to leave comment(s) of your favorite memory of her, photos (she loved being on camera!) or anything you feel is appropriate to share.


Our family would like to thank everyone for their kind words, support and love during this difficult time!



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Celi from New york wrote on May 31, 2021
我記得第一次接觸陳媽媽是在8年級 亦是認識Denny的那一年。那一年亦是我剛來到美國過新的生活的一年 非常難熬。雖然印象非常模糊 記得Denny有一天帶我去他屋企認識他的媽媽 他跟我說不用害怕他媽媽很可愛很風趣很好客 於是我真的去了。一打開門就看到陳媽媽太陽般的笑容迎接 心裡都是暖暖的 那一次應該是我第一次也是最後一次見陳媽媽。雖然那個時候年紀很小但陳媽媽在我心裡的印象十分深刻 熱情 開朗 可愛 還有開放的思想 從那個時候起我就很羨慕Denny 有這樣一個媽媽那麼愛他。 同事吧我也知道Denny 很愛媽媽 很聽話 很羨慕他們兩個的相處方式。希望陳媽媽在另一個地方會很快樂同樣的都會看到兒子家人幸福快樂。估計很多人應該看不懂中文可是我知道陳媽媽看到會覺得非常的親切 我們愛你唷♥️
Annie Lee from New York wrote on May 24, 2021
Memories of my childhood could never be complete without the Chan family - we had so many days of after school fun, yummy dinners, summer block parties, field trips and tons of other happy times. I was very fortunate to grow up with a great friend (Jenn) only 2 blocks away from me. Diana always welcomed me and my family to her home. I remember her fun sense of humor and contagious smile. She really knew how to lighten the mood and make everyone feel at ease. It is really a shame that as we grow older/get wrapped up with work many of us do not spend much time with the people that are important to us. I wish I could have told Diana how much she meant to me as an adult and tell her thank you as well. Rest in peace yee yee. I will always remember you. If we become stars in the sky I'm sure you'd be one of the super bright ones lighting up the night sky.
Michael from London wrote on May 23, 2021
Dearest cousin, I t’s been a while since we last saw each other, but I always remember your warm smile and genuine laughter. My family and I are deeply saddened and we will miss you dearly.
Julia from Brooklyn wrote on May 23, 2021
The first time I met her she talked to me as if we had known each other for years when in reality we were meeting for the first time. Everytime I saw her I always had this feeling deep down, do I know her from somewhere? Why do I feel so familiar with this woman? If past lives exist, I hope I meet her again in my next.
Kaity from LA wrote on May 22, 2021
I don’t have many memories of my time in New York as a child but one thing I’ll always remember is Diana’s biggest smiles and warmest hugs. Every few years as I went back, it never changed and we always were treated like family with her. Although I haven’t had the chance to see her in the past few years, I never forget her warmth for everyone around her. RIP.